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dba Sanders Dummy Company, Inc. has over 35 years experience in clay stemming manufacturing. At Webb's Manufacturing, quality and customer service are the backbone of our business. Our staff is always on hand to provide you with custom quotes, quantity discounts, or specialty sizes.

Explosive Energy Containment

You can be assured of MAXIMUM compaction and containment of explosive energy with clay stemming.  Clay Stemming or "Clay Dummies" have been used in various blasting situations for years.
Blast Hole Stemming


To provide you with equal distribution in the blasthole, we supply 5 sizes to choose from.
1"x12"Dummy (36 per Case)    
1 1/4"x12" (31 per Case)
1 3/8"x12" (25 per Case)
1 1/2"x12" (25 per Case)
 2"x12" (12 per Case)
Note: Clay dummies can be bound together for larger diameter blastholes.

West Virginia Clay

Used extensively in coal mines, these superior quality blasting dummies are now being used by many small diameter specialty blasters. Selected inert ingredients, which minimize damage to wires and cord, combined with West Virginia Bolivar Fire Clay supplying you with the finest quality containment products available.  These carefully selected materials will insure maximum containment of explosive energy.
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